Estado de Mexico (State of Mexico) is one of the Most exiting states of the Mexican Republic, his capital is Toluca de Lerdo and you can find many places to visit here.


Estado de Mexico TuristaMexico is the english Version of Turista Estado de México, the travel guide to visit the State of Mexico.


Terreno en Lagos del Sol

$4,332,000.00 $3,610,149.00 Lagos del Sol Pelícanos 33 Uno de los residenciales más bonitos de Cancún visita para darte una idea del concepto.…
650 M2


Back to 1700: National Park Desierto de los Leones — The Global Trotter

Hello travelers! Some weekends ago I visited the desierto de los leones (the lions desert) the biggest national park in Mexico City. It provides us oxygen even when it is kilometers away from the city. Almost 1 hour distance, you can catch a bus that takes you there by 15 pesos or less or take […] …